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Previous group members have found that the course has been of great benefit to them in helping them make sense of their experiences and go confidently forward to rebuild meaningful lives. Here are just a few comments from past course members:

“This was the strongest & most reliable life line that I've ever been thrown.  I really feel saved from something I thought would devastate me.” Sarah
“I was very hesitant and nervous about joining the course, but I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to do so - it was the turning point to a better life.” Andy

“After feeling so crushed, I am really grateful for your support and care as I rebuild my self-esteem. Thank you Aquila.” Jacqui

“It was really good to get things that had upset me for years off my chest. I didn’t realise how much they’d been holding me back.” Mike

“Thank you for helping me feel worthwhile again.” Jo
“I view my life and myself much more realistically now – thank you.” Paul   
“Participating in the Aquila course really helped me make
sense of my situation and the emotional nightmare I was in.
Meeting other people on the course, who were in similar
circumstances, was a great comfort and I stopped feeling
so isolated. I made friends with a few of the other
participants, and we are still in regular contact.” Sally

“I did the Aquila course during a very low period in my life
after separating from my husband. I am a single mum to
3 small children and I found I needed to do the course to
make time to work through the emotional trauma of separation away from the exhausting physical demands single parenting brings. The course really helped and I met some wonderful people. I would definitely recommend it.  The facilitators have all been divorced too and really empathise with your situation and assist in any way they can”. Carole
“The last thing I ever wanted to do was go on a divorce course, but the leaders were supportive and I have made some long lasting friendships.” Alan
“I have learned so much about relationships by coming to this course and can now see the part I played in my marriage failing. I won’t make those mistakes again.” Tony​
“I found I gained something from every session. I felt safe talking about my issues and that I would not be judged. I have gained far more from the course than I could have hoped for. I feel sad the course is ending, but happy that I have strategies and new friends to help move forward.” Louise

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