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We start each evening with coffee and encourage and support each other in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. There is no magic wand, but during the seven week course members share honest self reflection and discuss their feelings and thoughts, which leads to some healing, as well as gaining a new circle of friends.

Key themes we cover on the course are:


  • How, why and where it all went wrong and what part we played
  • How our personalities & personal histories shaped us and influenced the
        development of our relationship
  • Surviving the emotional fall-out
  • How we cope with the issues surrounding children
  • How we can forgive ourselves and others
  • Improving our chances of finding hope and happiness in the future

Space is given for discussion with others who have experienced similar concerns.

We recognise how difficult it is for people to take the first step in attending a course, but are ready to help everyone who is struggling to come to terms with all that has happened.

After the course there is a social evening organised by the group – usually a meal at a local restaurant. Group members tend to exchange their contact details and provide ongoing support to each other once the course has finished.

Weekend courses can be arranged if there is enough interest –
contact us for further information.

I was very hesitant and nervous about joining the course but I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to do so. Andy

Meeting other people who were in similar circumstances, was a great comfort and I stopped feeling so isolated.  I made friends with a few of them, and we are still in regular contact.”     Sally

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