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The Money Secret

The Money Secret will revolutionise your attitude to money and show how it can either be the source of freedom and happiness or a burden of guilt and debt. When you have finished this book you will want to cut up your credit cards forever and rid yourself of the power of the banks and lenders and advertisers who dupe us all into a spending frenzy based on false promises and slick delusions. As well as offering solutions this book will challenge the status quo and question current spending habits. Rich or poor, we have all at some time felt in despair about money and its power over our lives. Rob Parsons shows a new way forward which will change your life, focus your priorities and put you back in control.

Divorce & Splitting Up (Which? - Essential Guides)

This is a comprehensive guide to divorce, dissolution and separation . It offers practical assistance throughout the process for married couples, cohabiting couples or those in civil partnerships.   Splitting up is never easy.  The emotional upheaval - especially when children are involved - the legal complexities and the financial implications make even the most amicable parting a demanding business.  This guide considers, in clear, easy-to-follow language, what happens when couples divorce, how the situation differs for unmarried couples, and considers civil partnerships and the process of how these are dissolved.   Divorce & Splitting Up is fully updated for 2010 with changes to the CSA.  It also discusses ways of minimising unnecessary conflict and costs, explains how to choose a solicitor and when to go to court, and it examines the needs of children, advising on maintenance settlements, parental responsibility and legal rights. It also covers law and procedures in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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