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divorce advice

Divorce Aid -  
Divorce Aid’s website is full of interesting articles, tips and useful information for parents and children - especially on legal matters.  It now also offers The Relationship Specialists' online service which gives you direct access to the UK's top family therapists from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Advice Now - Divorce, A Survival Toolkit
If you’re at the start of what looks like a separation or divorce you may be feeling very stressed and anxious. There are all sorts of worries at this point: over the future, over money, over being involved in the law, over children (if you have any). This is a normal reaction. And bit by bit, things will start to get sorted out. The Divorce, A Survival Toolkit guide deals with some of the main problems, to help you find your way through the maze.


Breaking Up Checklist -



Citizens Advice Bureau -
Offers practical advice on ending a marriage, a civil partnership, a relationship where you’re living together or if you are experiencing domestic violence.


Divorce Questions (SA Law) -

SA Law’s family team have compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions related to divorce – for those at any stage of a relationship breakdown covering every concerns you may have from how divorce works, things to consider if you have children, to how it divorce can affect your finances and property.


NHS – Having a Healthy Divorce -
Getting divorced can lead to several mental and physical health problems. Stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks are not uncommon when people get divorced. This can affect sleep, causing tiredness, exhaustion and a lack of focus and concentration. There's a lot to think about during a divorce, particularly looking after children, telling your parents and dealing with their emotions, moving house, dividing possessions, setting up bank accounts and continuing your job. Even though you may not want to get divorced, there's a way of getting through it healthily rather than simply surviving it. This NHS website offers a 7 stage strategy for helping you cope.

The Money Advice Service -

Offers practical information to help you sort out finances if going through or thinking about divorce or separation.

How much does a Divorce cost? (Pinnington Law) -

This guide provides a very informative look into the usual costs involved throughout a divorce proceeding, including court fees. It also offers a full overview of the divorce process, as well as useful statistics and legal facts about getting a divorce.

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